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Things to do Around Mes Amis- Roseville

Things to do Around Mes Amis- Roseville

  We are so excited to have Mes Amis here and upon us but I wanted to share things to do while you are in many people ask so I thought I would suggest other places to visit within walking distance so you can take advantage of your time here. Available for you will be this map that shows our Show and local restaurants, businesses, even Rosevilles newest Antique Store, Bloom Vintage Findings owned by show vendor Tina Wade!  Her shop will open at 9am for you!

There are plenty of ATM Machines in walking distance during the show, great places for lunch – 2H Bunz and Company (sports bar), The Place  (really good italian) and of course, just stay at the show and have food from our vendor Shady Coffee and Tea.  In addition, there are other shops, my favorite Nice Twice and a great floral/gift shop Bartletts!

Hope this helps your day here with us! Make sure you stop by the trailer and say hi!  (and pick up a flyer).  See you at the show!




The show is coming and I am finishing up the final details of the event! I am really excited and with a beautiful sunny day this Easter weekend, and amazing shows across the country this past week/weekend, its hard to not feel like SHOW SEASON IS FINALLY HERE!!

The latest issue of Flea Market Style brought us a tremendous honor – Mes Amis was voted one of the best vintage sales from Coast-to-Coast by the readers of Flea Market Style Magazine!!!

This show, I promise not to disappoint!!! I have amazing dealers to share with you and cannot wait to post!!! Many of your favorite vendors will be joining us – as new vendors, as collaborators with others, maybe even in secret as a customer….But they will all be HERE AT MES AMIS!!!

Stay tuned for my next blog with our show line-up!!!



Thank you Flea Market Style Magazine

Thank you Flea Market Style Magazine

This past Winter, Flea Market Style Magazine launched its Wedding magazine sister.  We are honored that the Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show was listed once again chosen as one of the readers favorite Vintage Sales across “FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA”, especially for brides.

In addition, the Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show made the READERS FAVORITES SHOWS AND SHOP guide in the Flea Market Style Spring/Summer 2013 Issue. 

We are so lucky to have such a great magazine think of us so highly two years running now!  Our vendors are eager to show the customers why the Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show is the place to be April 20th!  See you all here!

Clay + Craft = Creativity for Valentines Day

Clay + Craft = Creativity for Valentines Day

During the show season breaks, its been fun making time for workshops for myself (the photography workshop) and more importantly and even funner, with friends. Tina Haller from My Favorite Things (Nevada City) made a return trip and developed a clay craft for Valentines Day.  This time we had a eight friends join us here at the house.

At the workshops, Tina brings all the supplies, ovens and tons of great images and embellishments (you can bring your own of course).  Everyone has their own purpose for taking the class.  For example, Sassy was planning on making a handmade wedding gift.  Myrna had a spot that need a finishing touch in her newly remodeled master suite.
 Corky and Rebecca are here getting direction from Tina.
Mark made a great spread for us to take a break with.  This time we had his Marco Polo pasta, green salad and white wine.  His chocolate chip cupcakes were a big hit too!!!
After lunch break, we got back to work.  It was really fun getting inspired by what others were doing.  I love how Teri and Sassy are here concentrating so much.
Here is Yoli with her finished craft and our awesome teach, Tina.
Here is another creative friend Myrna with her heart.  She brought a long string of vintage crystals to add to hers for extra sparkle.
Our finished products!  At the workshop, Sassy said how she collected and loved crowns.  We all decided our next workshop will be a paper crown workshop sometime in the Spring!  Tina will start working on something for us to announce so be on the lookout as space is limited.
In the meantime, don’t forget to mark you calendars for the first show of 2013
Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show – April 20, 2013
Roseville, CA.
Have a great Valentines Day!  Hope its full of love, laughter and friendship!!!!

Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop


I took a photography workshop this past weekend and was so excited.  Having purchased the camera earlier in the fall, I tinkered and played with all the buttons without really delving into the whys and what-nots of what they all mean. Subsequently, I changed settings without knowing it.
At the encouragement of my husband and friends at French Country Cottage andMammabellarte,  I found a class (via Groupon), “ Introductory to Digital Photography” available here in Sacramento by McKay Photography.
If anyone has a simple or not-so-simple camera (we had all ranges in our class – some of which barely used their cameras for fear of all the buttons) and use the AUTO function, take the time to invest in a class (my Groupon cost was $59).  We were taught to shoot in Manual setting – totally get it now!  We learned what all the buttons on the camera meant, what a good setting would be for our own needs (nature? portraits? outdoor? kids?).  It was definitely worth every penny.  Above are just 3 shots that I took of the house as soon as I got home (unedited)!  So much better than my shots prior:
[DSC_0027%255B3%255D.jpg] DSC_0010 DSC_0007
Can you see the difference?  I learned so much about lighting.  Cant wait to play and share more with you all.
Hope you have an inspired week!
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