Mes Amis Vintage Antique Shows

Happy Saturday! (at Tumbleweed & Company)

Fall Willows fun. The Vintage Gathering.

Field trip side trip with @therustyclover #jumbosunflowers

Just hanging out on the porch until I can get to Willows. #vintagecountryfleamarket (at The Olive and Rose)

Senior youth group in my living room means movie night in the Master. A nice reprieve.

Love having my sister from San Diego here for movie night. So does my dog.

Hello baby. (at Tumbleweed & Company)

Good morning fall harvest. (at The Olive and Rose)

Say hello to my little friend. (at Tumbleweed & Company)

The shop will be nice and full if you want to shop it during the Mes Amis Vintage show Friday and Sat (at Tumbleweed & Company)

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