The Olive and Rose

The Olive and Rose is a business owned by Sandy Bryan.  Not only does Sandy produces 3 Vintage Antique Markets per year, she is also vintage antique dealer that sells inside Tumbleweed and Company and shows throughout the country.

Tumbleweed and Company is a 4,000 sq ft+ building located in downtown Roseville.  Launched originally in Newcastle the summer of 2014 and then moved to Roseville the summer of 2015, its the collaboration of The Olive and Rose and Rusty Clover (Katy Halligan) in an effort to bring vintage out of its cookie cutter box.  With the large facility and 12+ foot ceilings,  the possibilities for its vintage display potential are endless.  Along with weekly hours of Thursday-Saturday from 11-6pm, the team are planning workshops, parties, private events, and more from the location Downtown Roseville Location.  You can shop from The Olive and Rose and all of the Tumbleweed and Company at 515A Vernon Street, Roseville, CA.  For the Olive and Rose events, click here.


5 Comments on “The Olive and Rose

    • We are not open yet so we are not sure what they will be. We are still under construction at the new place. We hope to be fully ready later in August and I will let you know. Thanks so much for asking. Sandy


      • Hi Sharon – just wanted to let you know we have opened our doors despite a current construction project. If you have not peeked in yet, we are located at 515A Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678. We are open Thursday through Saturday 11-4. Hope to see you there.
        Sandy Bryan


    • Hi Susan. Yes, we had a soft open and while we still have some construction projects in house, we are happily open Thursday – Saturday, 11 to 4. The store address is 515A Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678. If you are familiar with Downtown Roseville, we are in the Stamas Building (Formerly Millers Furniture) and are the unit on the far left if you are facing the large property. We are close to Abby Carpet, across the street from Perrys Barber. Cannot wait to see you on your future visit.
      Sandy Bryan


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