Should we blog again?

quill penI recently submitted my name to another show who was seeking articles for vintage and antique related stories. I am not sure why. I am late for work (first day of tax season at the office officially) and I should be getting ready. But it was one of many impulsive things I do.
Is blogging dead? Do people really read them or are we so enamored with visual things now? I am not really sure – I think I just have been enjoying the writing of more than just a one line text on facebook – haven’t done much of that lately.
What do you think?


8 Comments on “Should we blog again?

  1. Such a good question. I get inspiration from pictures and growth from written content. I prefer words most of the time, but then again, time is the problem—there is never enough.


  2. As a blogger, it’s often easy to feel “no one is reading this”!! But I know they ARE! I make sure each of my blog posts has at least one photo, for those visual peeps . . .and to “promote” my blog and shop . .. .I love reading most anything about vintage!! . . .including your site/blog! BellaCosaVintage


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