A New Year and Perspective with 2016

Its already the second week in and I am in a coffee house working on catching up on paperwork, updating multiple websites and freshening up our media for all of you.  I do have to be honest 2015 was an odd year.  I only did two shows outside of our own as mom was sick with cancer.  I never realized how overpowering the disease was until it struck moms home, my neighbors home (5 year old with leukemia) and my boss all in the same year – 2015.  I have to admit – drawing inspiration for others has been a difficult task – finding beauty in vintage had to be taken down to its simplest forms – things of nature, shapes and natural the wear of wood or metal or crinkling of paper.  Our Newcastle warehouse also moved in 2015 closer to home (Roseville) quite unexpectedly and I learned the value of our husbands (Katy and I) and leaning on others to help.  I learned the value of our dealers in the store – old and new and how wonderful people can be.

While my hardships were not as hard as moms, my little neighbors or my boss – I am slowly accepting that its ok to be a little tired because it allows me to get more strength from within.  I hope that makes some sense.  I have also grown from my vintage community and the fun times that we have in junking in the oddest dirtiest and kickass places.  I realized its where I can really let myself be me and I treasure those places and that community even more.  I am really excited to have the hubbys go with us to Texas this year to experience some of what we get to see and meet many of you out there that we know, the places we eat, the parties we enjoy and the Texas you just have to experience in person – there is no other Paradise like it.

A year ago this time, we thought moms cancer was gone and committed to a heavy spring season – Junk Bonanza in San Diego (Feb. 19-20) , a move up in the date for Mes Amis Spring -(March 4-5 to launch the areas show season), a new show for Sierra College Patron of the Arts (May 28th), and Farm Chicks in Washington State (June 4-5).  With commitments made and contracts paid, little did we know mom would get sick and this year she would be facing the end of her cancer and life.  Mom is positive – mom is strong and the East LA in her will not let her stop hoping and believing that somehow things will be ok.  She grew up tough and she is not worried – I guess then I wont be either.  As a planner – its hard not to be prepared.  As a junker – you never know whats around the corner for you so I will draw on that experience and let it guide me through this next spring.  Thanks to all of you that have lifted up mom in your prayers – pray for all of the cancer patients you know and their peeps around.  They appreciate all of it.

As for the Spring ahead, I cannot wait to continue to find inspiration in the simplest forms – color, tone, mood and people.  I love how our industry continues to blossom, bloom and fall back to its old traditions and lines all at the same time.  Go back to your old magazines (I know you have some) and you’ll see what I mean – the rooms look the same only the wall colors have changed!  I hope to continue to share with you via FB and instagram – thanks for checking in!

Have an awesome launch to your year!  Enjoy your journey – savor the good and the bad, you need both.  I cant wait to cross paths with you!!









2 Comments on “A New Year and Perspective with 2016

  1. Wonderful post and sweet comments about your mom. Will continue to pray for your family and look forward to seeing everyone at Mes Ami. Love you Sandy.


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