Our 1963 Shasta Trailer


Five years ago or so, our family bought a 1963 Shasta with the goal of being able to travel together before the kids were too old to want to hang out with us. At the time, we had more trailer than car as we realized when we brought her (Olive) home and found we had more trailer than car.


Since we had time to fix her up, we took our time. She had great bones – all the basics were there – 16 feet, sleeps four (there is a bunk above the two singles on the “bottom floor”), a shower and toilet, no leaks from outside, excellent brakes and a good title.


We bought her before trailers got really pricey and hot!


At first I was going beachy but over time, that look did not fit her. I decided I wanted to redo the counters and hide the top bunk. For sure, I didnt like the darker birch wood that most vintage trailers had at the time. We decided it would be our family trailer and not an investment piece that we were restoring for others. We were going to make her feel like an extension from home and with hubby’s full support, he helped me paint her interior a cool shade of light grey.


We had the extra curtains from home so there were perfect for the trailer in hiding the bunk and blankets when the kids don’t travel, and can be easily removed when they are. We can easily make the bed into a large queen too!


Some of the remodel included re doing the counters with recycled redwood bender board I found for $.50 per board. I was hoping to create wainscotting but didnt have enough. Thats where the idea for counters came in. I trimmed it with vintage metal found pieces. New (vintage) wall sconces were also installed.

Recently, we had the bathroom remodeled, tearing out the original avocado green toilet and installing a port-a-potty for trips. We have found that we do not dry camp and most grounds we visit have showers and real toilets. The port-a-potty is great for quick moments and we appreciate the more permanent grounds for longer stays. I still need to paint the bathroom and want to install a water heater for the shower – I think it would be a nice luxury.


Overall, we are happy with our joyful Olive. During non-camping times, she is home with us and the kids use it for when their friends come over. They enjoy hanging out in her, getting out of the house and using her for brownies and board games or pillow talk! It feels good to have a place to escape right outside the door.


This is how we found Olive, in overgrown grass, flat tires and all…but she had great bones and needed a good home.

If you come to one of your events, be sure to stop in and visit Olive!


Sandy B.



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