Some fun shots from Texas – Days 1-2

I recently returned from a week in Texas where we shopped the areas large antique markets.  There are shows that are week/s long and vendors campout.   There were so many farms, fields and places to shop, it was hard decide whether we should return to one place or explore another.


Here’s Marburger farm and their security team.  Only in Texas will u see this at one of the top shows in the country.


Miles and miles of places to stop!


Here’s my travel mates after one day of shopping.   We rented a Ford pick up to haul things back to our cabin.   We stayed about 10 miles from the center of the show.


Definitely the word for the week.



At these markets,  we were allowed to drive through and see if we should stop…drive by shopping!

Stay tuned for my next post – Marburger Farms and the before and after of the show!


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I am proud of all the experience I have amassed over the past 10 years, beginning at selling the local college flea markets with my sister, to now some of the best Antique shows in the country. Now, I love producing antique shows with my family and bringing together great talent and vintage items for others to find...while of course, shopping and selling along the way! I hope to see you at the would be my pleasure to show you some great stuff!
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