Behind the curtain is a desperate area in need of a long overdue upgrade. Today, makeover begins with some granite, tile and plumbing showrooms. So excited to get this remodel started!!! Stay tuned for updates the coming months. (at The Olive And Rose)


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Sandy Bryan Vintage Home

I am a person who loves buying, selling and displaying all things vintage. I have always collected vintage but began selling (seriously) when an interior consultant advised me that I had too many collections and needed to share my things at her Paris Flea Market. It was through that experience that I realized I loved to display and share my finds with others; passing along the story of the object, and helping find a place for it in their homes.
I am proud of all the experience I have amassed over the past 10 years, beginning at selling the local college flea markets with my sister, to now some of the best Antique shows in the country. Now, I love producing antique shows with my family and bringing together great talent and vintage items for others to find...while of course, shopping and selling along the way! I hope to see you at the would be my pleasure to show you some great stuff!
Best, Sandy...

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See more about the Mes Amis Show: Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show
See more about our Holiday Show, Noel: Noel - A Holiday Vintage Market

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