Things to do Around Mes Amis- Roseville

Things to do Around Mes Amis- Roseville

  We are so excited to have Mes Amis here and upon us but I wanted to share things to do while you are in many people ask so I thought I would suggest other places to visit within walking distance so you can take advantage of your time here. Available for you will be this map that shows our Show and local restaurants, businesses, even Rosevilles newest Antique Store, Bloom Vintage Findings owned by show vendor Tina Wade!  Her shop will open at 9am for you!

There are plenty of ATM Machines in walking distance during the show, great places for lunch – 2H Bunz and Company (sports bar), The Place  (really good italian) and of course, just stay at the show and have food from our vendor Shady Coffee and Tea.  In addition, there are other shops, my favorite Nice Twice and a great floral/gift shop Bartletts!

Hope this helps your day here with us! Make sure you stop by the trailer and say hi!  (and pick up a flyer).  See you at the show!



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