Clay + Craft = Creativity for Valentines Day

Clay + Craft = Creativity for Valentines Day

During the show season breaks, its been fun making time for workshops for myself (the photography workshop) and more importantly and even funner, with friends. Tina Haller from My Favorite Things (Nevada City) made a return trip and developed a clay craft for Valentines Day.  This time we had a eight friends join us here at the house.

At the workshops, Tina brings all the supplies, ovens and tons of great images and embellishments (you can bring your own of course).  Everyone has their own purpose for taking the class.  For example, Sassy was planning on making a handmade wedding gift.  Myrna had a spot that need a finishing touch in her newly remodeled master suite.
 Corky and Rebecca are here getting direction from Tina.
Mark made a great spread for us to take a break with.  This time we had his Marco Polo pasta, green salad and white wine.  His chocolate chip cupcakes were a big hit too!!!
After lunch break, we got back to work.  It was really fun getting inspired by what others were doing.  I love how Teri and Sassy are here concentrating so much.
Here is Yoli with her finished craft and our awesome teach, Tina.
Here is another creative friend Myrna with her heart.  She brought a long string of vintage crystals to add to hers for extra sparkle.
Our finished products!  At the workshop, Sassy said how she collected and loved crowns.  We all decided our next workshop will be a paper crown workshop sometime in the Spring!  Tina will start working on something for us to announce so be on the lookout as space is limited.
In the meantime, don’t forget to mark you calendars for the first show of 2013
Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show – April 20, 2013
Roseville, CA.
Have a great Valentines Day!  Hope its full of love, laughter and friendship!!!!

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