Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop


I took a photography workshop this past weekend and was so excited.  Having purchased the camera earlier in the fall, I tinkered and played with all the buttons without really delving into the whys and what-nots of what they all mean. Subsequently, I changed settings without knowing it.
At the encouragement of my husband and friends at French Country Cottage andMammabellarte,  I found a class (via Groupon), “ Introductory to Digital Photography” available here in Sacramento by McKay Photography.
If anyone has a simple or not-so-simple camera (we had all ranges in our class – some of which barely used their cameras for fear of all the buttons) and use the AUTO function, take the time to invest in a class (my Groupon cost was $59).  We were taught to shoot in Manual setting – totally get it now!  We learned what all the buttons on the camera meant, what a good setting would be for our own needs (nature? portraits? outdoor? kids?).  It was definitely worth every penny.  Above are just 3 shots that I took of the house as soon as I got home (unedited)!  So much better than my shots prior:
[DSC_0027%255B3%255D.jpg] DSC_0010 DSC_0007
Can you see the difference?  I learned so much about lighting.  Cant wait to play and share more with you all.
Hope you have an inspired week!

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